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Amara Andrew

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MAVEN is a full-scale content creation subscription service wrapped up in one neat little package named “Amara” (that’s me!). I help business owners create fresh video-based content every month.

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Whether I’m showing you how to make delicious mocktail recipes, reviewing everyday products, or teaching how to start a small business, main goal is to help you out.

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In a previous life, I was a world-famous artist who experienced fame, money, and tremendous fortune.

In this life, I’ve decided to leave that all behind in order to make affordable art for you to enjoy! Stickers are my jam, but I also love making prints and greeting cards, too!

Latest Posts

  • This Chicago Building is Covered in 24k Gold?!
    Did you know that there’s a building in Chicago that’s covered in 24k gold? Yes, dahling, it’s true! The Carbide & Carbon building was created by the Burnham Brothers in 1929. And, yes, before you ask, their dad was famed Chicago architect, Daniel Burnham. Imitation gold leaf was originally considered for this 37-story Art Deco […]
  • Salvador Dalí Made a Cookbook?!
    Did you know that Salvador Dalí made a cookbook? Dalí claimed that he wanted to be a cook when he was 6 years old. He fulfilled that dream in 1973 with the publication of “Les Dîners de Gala,” a surrealist cookbook that feels more like a work of art than a cookbook. I’ll be recreating […]
  • How to Look at Art – The Interpretative Analysis
    This is part 3 of “How to Look at Art.” In this post, I’m gonna teach you how to do interpretative analysis. So, you’ve gazed at the artwork for a long time (maybe a scary amount of long time), you’ve read a couple books and done some research, you know the gist of the artwork, […]