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Hi there! My name’s Amara and I…

• Help brands create a social media prescence with my video production company, Maven by Amara.
• Develop delicious gluten-free, dairy-free recipes.
Make YouTube videos where I share my mocktail recipes, tips on how to start a business, and, of course, history tidbits!
• Illustrate kickass stickers, prints, and greeting cards!

Amara Andrew

MAVEN by Amara

MAVEN is a full-scale content creation subscription service wrapped up in one neat little package named “Amara” (that’s me!). I help business owners create fresh video-based content every month.

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Whether I’m showing you how to make delicious mocktail recipes, reviewing everyday products, or teaching how to start a small business, main goal is to help you out.

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In a previous life, I was a world-famous artist who experienced fame, money, and tremendous fortune.

In this life, I’ve decided to leave that all behind in order to make affordable art for you to enjoy! Stickers are my jam, but I also love making prints and greeting cards, too!

Latest Posts

  • South Beach Architecture: Art Deco
    In my previous post and video, I outlined the 3 major architectural styles of Miami Beach. This post is a mini deep dive into Art Deco. So, South Beach is known for its amazing collection of Art Deco architecture. Most of these buildings were slated to be torn down throughout the 1970s & 1980s, but […]
  • South Beach Architecture: MiMo (Miami Modernism)
    In my previous post and video, I outlined the 3 major architectural styles of Miami Beach. This video is a little bit more of a deep dive into MiMo. So, first, what is MiMo? MiMo is an acronym for Miami Modernism. It’s a style of architecture from the Post WWII era (1945-1960s) that originated in […]
  • A 2,000 Year Old Mosaic Returned / Michael Heizer’s “City” / The Koh-i-Noor Diamond / Odesa & UNESCO
    By Amara is a weekly art and history podcast hosted by Amara Andrew. Each week, we’ll take a quick look at the goings on in the art and history world. This week, we’re discussing the return of a 2,000 year old relic to Italy, a desert city that took 50 years to build, one of […]