Hi there! My name’s Amara and I…

• help brands create a social media presence with Maven by Amara and Content Ideas for Realtors,
• make YouTube videos,
• host my podcast, By Amara,
• create kickass art,
• and develop delicious recipes!

Amara Andrew
Amara Andrew

Maven by Amara

MAVEN is a full-scale content creation subscription service wrapped up in one neat little package named “Amara” (that’s me!). I help business owners create fresh video-based content every month.

Content Ideas for Realtors

When it comes to attracting more clients, a well-curated presence on social media matters.

Without a well-planned list of content, it can become difficult or even impossible to create fresh new videos each month while also managing your client’s needs. The Maven Content Ideas for Realtors takes the guesswork out of “What should I post today?”

Amara Andrew - Content Ideas for Realtors

Check Out My YouTube Channel

On my channel, I teach you everything I know. Whether it’s how to grow your small business on Etsy, how to create easy and delicious recipes, or just how cool art and history are on my podcast, By Amara, I guarantee you’ll be entertained.

Listen to By Amara

By Amara is a weekly art and history podcast hosted by me, Amara Andrew. Every week, we’ll take a quick look at the goings on in the art and history world.

Amara Andrew Etsy

Visit My Etsy Shop

In a previous life, I was a world-famous artist who experienced tremendous fame and fortune.

In this life, though, I’ve decided to leave it all behind to make affordable art for you to enjoy! Stickers are my jam, but I also make prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, and more!

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    By Amara is a weekly art and history podcast hosted by Amara Andrew. Each week, we’ll take a quick look at the goings on in the art and history world. This week, we’re looking at a fake dinosaur skeleton, 483 ancient Celtic coins stolen from a museum in Germany, and Marie Antoinette’s furniture sold at […]
  • These 5 paintings just sold for over $100 million…each! 😱 🖼️
    Not only did each of these paintings sell for over $100 million each, but they were also part of an art collection that fetched almost $2 billion cumulatively! Transcript In Episode 3, I discussed the Paul G. Allen that was going up for auction at Christie’s in November. There were 5 paintings in this auction […]
  • Mystery Ancient Tunnel FOUND under Temple!
    This secret ancient tunnel was found 43 feet under the Earth…what was it for?! 🤔 Transcript This secret tunnel was found under the Taposiris Magna, which was a temple dedicated to Osiris, the god of the dead. So, the tunnel that was found underneath this temple is 13 meters (~43 feet) below the surface of […]